Scott Moe needs a plan to deal with plummeting job numbers

23,000 jobs lost since 2020 means real action must be taken says official opposition

Saskatoon - The latest jobs figures for Saskatchewan should be a wake up call for Scott Moe and the Sask Party. The numbers released by Statistics Canada this morning show that there are 23,000 fewer people working in the province than this time last year. 

“This has been a hard year for everyone but there are 23,000 people who are facing the additional hardship and stress of being out of a job,” said Official Opposition Leader Ryan Meili. “The Sask Party keeps trying to paint a rosy picture about our economy but these numbers tell the true story. Too many people are out of work and the numbers are getting worse. We need to see a real jobs plan from this government. There has to be real action.”

Reiter Lied to Legislature About COVID-19 Plan

REGINA - Today, Official Opposition Health Critic Vicki Mowat called on Premier Scott Moe to answer for former Health Minister Jim Reiter lying about the government’s plan to fight COVID-19.

“We asked Jim Reiter about his plan to address COVID-19 on March 10 of last year,” said Mowat. “He said that he had a plan and accused us of fear mongering. He released his plan the next day - one year ago today - to show how prepared he was. But the documents we’ve received show that was all a lie.”

Premier Scott Moe must come clean on balanced budget campaign lie: Meili

SASKATOON - Official Opposition Leader Ryan Meili slammed Sask. Party Premier Scott Moe today for continuing to lie about his campaign promise to balance the provincial budget by 2024.

Today Scott Moe told reporters “we won’t have a balance in our four year projection” but refused to give any concrete examples of what has changed between now and the last election.

Overdose crisis demands action, accountability from Sask. Party government

SASKATOON - Official Opposition Leader Ryan Meili called on the Sask. Party government  today to accept responsibility for the overdose crisis that is taking lives at an unprecedented rate in Saskatchewan.

“The overdose crisis is spiralling out of control while Scott Moe and the Sask. Party ignore this public health emergency,” said Meili. “This is costing lives and leaving families and communities shattered.”

Love: Seniors deserve more than ‘out-of-sight, out-of-mind’ care

SASKATOON - This week Everett Hindley, Minister for Seniors, told the media his government had implemented recommendations from the Ombudsman’s report into the deplorable care at Santa Maria in Regina. That’s flat out wrong. Not only has the government not operationalized the vague and unenforceable Program Guidelines for Special Care Homes, they still do not publicly report how they are being met on a facility-by-facility basis.