What We Stand For

Saskatchewan's NDP Caucus is our province's Official Opposition. 

We take a people-first approach to government, and work hard to ensure that everyone in Saskatchewan can live a good life with decent jobs, strong social supports, public education, and healthcare that's there when you need it.

We value:

  • Fairness and equality. Let's work together so everyone can succeed.
  • A healthy society. Many factors affect the health of our communities, including education, employment, income, housing, the broader environment and social supports.
  • A strong and vibrant economy. This includes an innovative and dynamic business sector.
  • Good jobs. Saskatchewan people work hard and deserve good wages, respect and dignity.
  • A smart approach to growth. Let's use today's prosperity to save for the long-term, to build important infrastructure, and to diversify our economy so we can end the boom-and-bust cycle.
  • Sustainability. Let's invest in renewable energy, grow our solar sector, address climate change and protect our environment.
  • Democracy and accountability. Government needs to be more transparent, accountable, inclusive and responsive to the needs of Saskatchewan families, businesses and communities.

Top issues we're working on:

  • A collaborative approach to dealing with COVID-19 that addresses the needs of workers, businesses, First Nations and Métis communities, cities and rural areas, schools, and vulnerable people.
  • A suicide prevention strategy with the resources communities need to make it successful.
  • Addressing addictions and mental health with better prevention and treatment.
  • Raising Canada's lowest minimum wage to $15 per hour.
  • A Sask-First approach to jobs, so our schools, hospitals and roads are built with our workers.
  • Protecting our Crown corporations.
  • Stopping cuts to our classrooms, reducing class sizes, and getting kids the support they need to succeed.