Sask NDP calls for overhaul of OH&S

REGINA - Today, Saskatchewan’s Official Opposition called on the Sask. Party government to expand protections for all workers, including gig and contract workers. This comes following consultation with workers, advocates, and labour leaders as the provincial government undertakes a regular review of Saskatchewan’s occupational health and safety standards.

“We know that the very nature of work has been rewritten since the last review of OH&S. The ongoing pandemic has exposed the challenges working people are up against,” said Labour Critic Carla Beck. “Saskatchewan needs OH&S provisions that recognize both shifting employee-employer relationships and the burdens of work in the twenty-first century.”

Transparency and accountability needed in the absence leadership from the Premier

SHA projections predict significant spike in cases and hospitalizations

SASKATOON- In light of new information forecasting significant spikes in case rates, hospital, and intensive care admissions, Leader of the Official Opposition Ryan Meili called on Premier Scott Moe to release all modelling that informed his choice to drop all public health restrictions and take no new action since July, to provide current modelling, and to resume weekly COVID-19 briefings. 

Joint Statement in Response to the Government of Saskatchewan Imposing New Labour Measures in Health Care

Joint Statement from Vicki Mowat, Official Opposition Health Critic, and Carla Beck, Official Opposition Labour Critic in Response to the Government of Saskatchewan Imposing New Labour Measures in Health Care

The only reason why the Sask. Party is doing this today is because they’ve failed to take any of the steps necessary to get the 4th wave of COVID-19 under control. If Scott Moe had listened to Dr. Shahab and public health experts and introduced indoor masking and proof of vaccination requirements, our healthcare system wouldn’t be in this dire situation and on the brink of collapse. 

Scott Moe took his eye off the ball and took the summer off. He should have been working collaboratively with health care workers throughout the summer to ensure these necessary agreements were in place. Instead, we now have arrangements being imposed on workers, record numbers of new COVID-19 cases, and non-COVID patients being forced to go without needed treatments. All of this could have been prevented if Scott Moe had listened to the experts and focused on controlling the 4th wave. 


Sask NDP: Runaway COVID-19 4th wave requires emergency sitting in Legislature

SASKATOON - Today, Leader of the Official Opposition Ryan Meili wrote to Premier Scott Moe calling for an emergency sitting in the Legislative Assembly to address the growing COVID-19 crisis in Saskatchewan. 

“The Premier and his Health Minister have been missing in action all summer. The Sask. Party is ignoring the advice of Dr. Shahab, doctors and public health officials, and as a result, we have the highest death rate in the country and a 4th wave spiralling out of control,” said Meili. “Our emergency rooms are overflowing, ICUs are diverting patients, and cancer patients are being forced to go without care. This is not leadership.”