Sask. Party’s Budget 2021 doesn’t get the job done for Saskatchewan people, breaks key election commitments

Saskatchewan New Democratic Party Leader Ryan Meili and Finance Critic Trent Wotherspoon reacted to the Sask. Party’s 2021 Budget that is out of touch with the needs of Saskatchewan families, businesses and communities - and breaks key campaign commitments.

“Scott Moe has failed Saskatchewan. This budget shows that the premier is in over his head and he hasn’t been honest with the people of this province about the realities we’re all facing.” said Meili. “People were having a tough time before COVID-19 hit - and the Sask. Party’s failure to show leadership in containing the pandemic means those families are even further behind. This budget takes the same approach as the government’s pandemic response: weak half measures that don’t get the job done for Saskatchewan people.”

Saskatchewan New Democrats call for action to create green jobs, protect Saskatchewan economy

Official Opposition Leader Ryan Meili stood with Energy and Resources Critic Erika Ritchie to address the urgent need for action to protect Saskatchewan’s economy and our environment.

“Our focus must be on good jobs and prosperity for everyone in Saskatchewan. Climate change poses serious economic risks to Saskatchewan, in its effects on agriculture and our lives, and in the threats to an economy dependent on industries that will see their markets changing drastically. With the global economy changing, and the recent Supreme Court decision on carbon pricing, Saskatchewan needs to be at the forefront of climate action and green jobs,” said Meili. “We have the chance right here and now to take serious steps to insulate our economy from future shocks. We need a plan that diversifies our economy and puts us on the cutting edge of sustainable jobs for the future.”

Back to Work: New Democrats call for Sask Jobs Plan

Today, Official Opposition Leader Ryan Meili and Economy and Jobs Critic Aleana Young called on the government to include a robust Sask Jobs Plan in the upcoming budget.

“Budgets are about values, and the investments we make are a reflection of our priorities. Our priority is prosperity, with good jobs for Saskatchewan working people,” said Meili. “Under the Sask. Party, 23,000 people are out of work compared with last year. There’s simply no time to waste, we need investments and a real jobs plan to get Saskatchewan families back to work now.”