NDP calls for Special Committee to study the proposed Lake Diefenbaker Irrigation Project

REGINA - Today, Opposition Critic for the Water Security Agency Erika Ritchie and Opposition Critic for Agriculture Trent Wotherspoon called upon the Sask. Party government to work collaboratively to strike a special committee of the legislature to study the proposed Lake Diefenbaker Irrigation Project.

“It’s clear that this project has potential but there are still many unanswered questions. We want to make sure that we’re connecting with all those affected by this project and ensure that all voices are heard as we debate the merits,” said Ritchie. “Doing so in a bipartisan fashion would be the most effective way to achieve the best results.”

NDP calls for Sask. Party government to maintain current public health measures through the holiday season

REGINA - Today, Official Opposition Leader Ryan Meili called for Premier Moe and the Sask. Party government to fully commit to accepting Dr. Shahab’s recommendations through the holiday season and into the new year to avoid the potential of a fifth wave. 

“The message needs to be crystal clear. We need everyone in this province to keep doing their part, reduce their gathering sizes, and maintain indoor masking. The Premier needs to deliver this message now, not days before people head home to spend time with their loved ones,” said Meili. “We need this Premier to finally show some leadership and amplify the message coming from his Chief Medical Health Officer. He needs to fully commit to Dr. Shahab’s recommendations instead of waiting for a response from his focus groups.”

NDP calls on Sask. Party government to scrap Bill 70

REGINA - Today, Official Opposition Corrections and Policing Critic Nicole Sarauer called on the Sask. Party government to abandon their plans to create a new partisan security force at the legislature. If passed, Bill 70 would strip the independent Sergeant-at-Arms of most of his powers, only to be unnecessarily replaced by a new security force answerable to the Minister of Corrections, Policing and Public Safety. 

“We are calling on the government to scrap this bill, which is an unprecedented attack on the independence of security at the Legislative Building”, Sarauer stated. “Instead of dealing with the ongoing consequences of their failed pandemic response, the Sask. Party government is trying to inexplicably grab partisan control of the security at the legislature.”

New internal documents show Sask. Party actively blocked Crown corporation from enacting masking protections

REGINA - Today, the Official Opposition shared internal SGI documents showing that in August, in line with recommendations being made by medical professionals publicly, the Crown corporation attempted to put in masking requirements to better protect staff in light of a lack of public health order. Government officials with the Crown Investment Corporation quickly stepped in to stop the action from being implemented for August 30th.

“This is now documented proof that this Sask. Party government actively fought internally against the science, putting their own political interests above the health and safety of the people of this province,” said Ryan Meili, Leader of the Official Opposition. “Instead of medical health professionals dictating health policy, it was the Premier’s comments to media which were halting appropriate health precautions in our public sector.”

Sask. Party government uses majority to block debate on releasing Dr. Shahab’s recommendations

REGINA - Today, the Sask. Party government used its majority to shut down the Legislature and block a debate that would require the government to release all the recommendations made by Dr. Shahab since June 1, 2021.

“The government keeps claiming that they have nothing to hide when it comes to Dr. Shahab’s recommendations but they refuse to share his recommendations with the public or the media,” said Vicki Mowat, Opposition House Leader. “It was very clear throughout September and October that the actions of this Sask. Party government and Dr. Shahab’s recommendations were growing further and further apart. The people of Saskatchewan have a right to know what was driving the decision-making process of this government that led to the highest COVID death rate in Canada.”