Saskatchewan NDP Caucus

Seniors suffering due to Sask. Party’s lack of long-term care facility funding

The Sask. Party’s lack of funding and mismanagement is putting seniors’ care in jeopardy at Regina Pioneer Village. Nearly 100 seniors are being forced to move from their residence as reports of mould are causing health concerns. The Sask. Party has known about the multiplying issues at the long-term care facility but has done nothing to address these serious concerns.

“There have been boil water advisories, asbestos remediation, mould, infrastructure issues – the list goes on,” said NDP Health Critic Danielle Chartier. “However, the Sask. Party’s 2017 CEO Tour reports don’t mention any infrastructure issues. It’s discouraging and disappointing that, after knowing about these issues for a long time, this government failed to acknowledge the seriousness of them and now we are seeing close to 100 people uprooted from their homes.”

Sask. Party PST hike impacting investments for new housing construction

The Sask. Party’s PST hike is still negatively impacting investment in new housing builds and it’s hitting the construction industry hard and costing jobs. Statistics Canada released a report showing that Saskatchewan saw a $12.6 million decrease in investments for new housing construction, and was the only province that saw a decrease from March 2017 to March 2018.

“The drop in construction activity combined with this decrease in investments shows just how much the construction industry is suffering,” said NDP Jobs and Housing Critic Vicki Mowat. “On top of the constant hits to the construction industry, this government does not appear to have a plan to create and sustain jobs.”

NDP vote in favour of getting big money out of politics

Sask. Party content to allow out of province corporations to influence Saskatchewan elections  

Saskatchewan’s outdated campaign finance laws have made this province the “wild west” of election fundraising, and despite the proposition of a bill by the NDP that is common sense and would bring the province’s laws in line with the rest of the country, the Sask. Party voted for more of the same.

“Our province has long had broken campaign finance laws that allow unlimited out-of-province donations, and the people of Saskatchewan have been calling for change,” said NDP Leader Ryan Meili. “It’s disappointing that the Sask. Party want to continue to allow the election process in Saskatchewan to be influenced by large corporations, when it should belong to the people of the province.”

NDP call for province-wide sexual assault strategy

In the spirit of Sexual Assault Awareness Week, the NDP is calling on the Sask. Party to address Saskatchewan’s dubious distinction of being the only province without a sexual assault strategy. This lack of initiative is leaving Saskatchewan residents at risk.  

“Saskatchewan has the second highest per capita rate of sexual assault of all the provinces and yet we are the only province without a strategy. This doesn’t make sense,” said NDP Justice Critic Nicole Sarauer. “Instead of increasing the funding for sexual assault centres, this government is putting existing centres at risk. Places like the Battlefords and Area Sexual Assault Centre has not been properly funded for the last six years and they are concerned about how they will assist survivors without the necessary funds.”

Saskatchewan down 1,800 jobs

Today’s jobs numbers from Statistics Canada show Saskatchewan in last place with 1,800 fewer jobs compared to the same time last year. Saskatchewan was the only province other than Newfoundland and Labrador that didn’t see any job growth. 

“Month after month, Saskatchewan continually lags behind other provinces in job growth,” said NDP Critic Vicki Mowat. “With fewer jobs in Saskatchewan, and the Sask. Party’s $3 million cut to job training and workforce development programs in the budget, more and more families are struggling and people are forced to look for opportunities outside of the province.”

NDP calling on Sask. Party to commit to fully fund teachers’ contract

The Sask. Party has shown they do not learn from their mistakes, and have failed, yet again, to commit to fully funding a duly bargained contract for teachers. This lack of commitment comes after we saw all the damaging effects not funding the teacher’s contract had on our education system since their initial 2016 decision.

“We have seen previously how these decisions devastate our schools," said NDP Education critic Carla Beck. “When the Sask. Party can’t commit to fully funding an agreement bargained in good faith and cuts away at education funding, it leads to school boards having to make drastic cuts to the number of teachers and student supports in the classroom. In the end, it’s students who suffer.”