BECK: This community needs a high school and we’ll get it built

Beck commits to listening to local councils and parents and building a new high school for White City, Emerald Park and the surrounding communities

WHITE CITY - Today, Official Opposition Leader Carla Beck and Education Critic Matt Love stood with the Mayor and Council of White City and a concerned parent. They committed to building a high school for one of Saskatchewan’s fast-growing communities and the surrounding region.

“White City and Emerald Park are full of potential and have so much to offer young families,” said Beck. “These communities deserve our full support to grow and thrive. A school to match the size of these communities is years overdue.” 

White City and Emerald Park is the only community in Saskatchewan with a population above 5,000 without a highschool to match its needs. 

With the backing of parents and councils, Prairie Valley School Division has been calling on the government to build a highschool for the growing community for well over a decade.

The community has started up a petition which to date has garnered over 700 signatures

Both elementary schools in White City are currently overcapacity. The Mayor predicts that by 2030, there will be 600 high school-aged students in the town alone, excluding the surrounding communities. 

“This is something that has been a top priority for this community for over a decade. This school should have been built years ago,” said Love. “Every dollar spent in our schools is a dollar for our kids and the future of our province.”  


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