Sask. Party votes against Do No Harm Amendment

REGINA - Today, Official Opposition Education Critic Matt Love proposed a Do No Harm Amendment to the Sask. Party government’s Bill 137. The Sask. Party voted against it.

The government's Bill proposes that in cases where obtaining parental consent would put a child at risk, the principal will still work with professionals to develop a plan to obtain the consent. 

This has been the chief concern of the majority of experts opposed to the government’s legislation.

“Kids do best when parents are involved in their schooling. It’s common sense,” said Love. “This amendment would have helped bring this Bill in line with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Saskatchewan Human Rights Code.”

The Do No Harm Amendment would make it so that parental consent would not be required in those special cases where a mental health professional determines that there is absolutely no way for a safe plan to be created.


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