Saskatchewan NDP Caucus

Radville loses doctors as Sask. Party continues to focus on pronouns

Town forced to move to virtual care in ER as Moe’s recruitment/retention strategy fails

RADVILLE - Last night, Official Opposition Leader Carla Beck and Rural and Remote Health Critic Matt Love attended an emergency community meeting in the Town of Radville. A shortage of healthcare workers is forcing the local hospital to move to virtual doctor care in their emergency room or face a closure.

Moe government ignores seniors amid pronoun policing push

REGINA - Today, Official Opposition Leader Carla Beck and Critic for Seniors Matt Love stood with families that the Sask. Party government is uprooting from the Lutheran Care Home. Together, they called on the provincial government to focus on the issues that matter most to Saskatchewan people, like helping our parents and grandparents age in comfort and dignity.

Sask. Party ignores crisis in healthcare while Saskatchewan hospitals reach overcapacity

Sask. Party more focused on taking away human rights from children than fixing healthcare

SASKATOON - Following overcapacity issues at Saskatoon hospitals in recent weeks, Official Opposition Health Critic Vicki Mowat and Rural and Remote Health Critic Matt Love today called on the government to do their job and focus on the real crises facing Saskatchewan patients and Saskatchewan healthcare.