Saskatchewan Continues to Lead the Nation in Cost-of-Living Worries: Angus Reid

New numbers today from the independent, non-partisan Angus Reid Institute show that Saskatchewan people are struggling with the cost of living more than anywhere else in Canada. 

“These numbers confirm what we already know: that Saskatchewan people are struggling to pay their bills because of this tired and out-of-touch government’s choices,” said Official Opposition Leader Carla Beck.

Saskatchewan people led the way in reporting challenges with the cost of living. In each of the following categories, Saskatchewan people had the worst rates in the country:

  • 59% of Saskatchewan people said that they are financially worse off than a year ago. 
  • 48% of Saskatchewan people said they expect to be worse off financially next year than this year. 
  • 55% of Saskatchewan people said they have a “tough” or “very difficult” time paying their rent or mortgage. 

These numbers have increased since Angus Reid's last polls in March and April 2023, where Saskatchewan also led the nation in financial insecurity.

“The Sask. Party doesn’t get it. They’re just not listening. This is not growth that works for everyone,” said Beck. “Families are working harder and harder to make ends meet but are still falling behind. We need to be cutting costs for working families — whether that’s removing the Sask. Party’s power hikes or removing the Sask. Party’s PST from everyday grocery items like rotisserie chickens and granola bars. People need a break and we should be delivering.”

The results of the survey can be accessed here.


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