Young: Cap delivery fees to save restaurants

REGINA - Today Aleana Young, Official Opposition Critic for Jobs and the Economy, called on the provincial government to cap the delivery fees charged by third-party delivery platforms at 15 per cent, down from the 25 to 30 per cent many apps are currently charging. The move would help restaurant owners save money and compensate for reductions in dine-in service as a result of COVID-19 restrictions.

Reality Check: Scott Moe’s arrogance is failing Saskatchewan

Reality Check: Scott Moe’s arrogance is failing Saskatchewan

Monday, the Premier insulted anyone in Saskatchewan who critiques his damaging lack of action to get the pandemic under control.

When given the opportunity to apologize for his dangerous and divisive rhetoric yesterday, the Premier chose instead to double down – a slap in the face to doctors, nurses, and front-line health care workers.

Sadly, this is no surprise. The Premier’s recent attitude needs an adjustment:

You might expect some humility from the premier of a province that has led the nation in COVID-19 case rates and death rates for most of 2021.

Instead, Moe’s continued insults and arrogance only divide Saskatchewan people at a time when we need to all pull together.