Saskatchewan NDP Caucus

Sask. Party play on plates could cost Saskatchewan millions

The Saskatchewan NDP is calling on the Sask. Party to bring an end to their puzzling and potentially costly license plate ban before Saskatchewan people are forced to pay the $5 million fine that the Sask. Party government could be charged

“Saskatchewan’s economy is stronger and Saskatchewan jobs are created because of the way we work with other Western provinces,” said NDP Deputy Leader Buckley Belanger. “With no proof to back up their actions, the Sask. Party is putting all of that at risk, and possibly putting the Saskatchewan people on the hook for a $5 million fine – that’s more than the entire cut they tried to make to Saskatchewan libraries.”

Sask. Party looking for more cuts to Saskatchewan classrooms

After the devastating Sask. Party cuts to education announced in the last provincial budget, everyone who works in education across Saskatchewan has been doing all they can to try to minimize how much it hurts our kids’ classrooms. Chinook School Division was the hardest hit last year. Now, the school division is telling teachers yet again that Sask. Party cuts mean they have to take even more resources out of the classroom. Teachers are now being asked to help find a cut equivalent to 55 teachers.

“This year, there are already about 4,500 more kids on Saskatchewan classrooms and 188 fewer teachers and support workers in our kids’ schools. More cuts, will mean class sizes will go up and Saskatchewan kids won’t get the education they deserve and we need them to get,” said Saskatchewan NDP Youth Critic Vicki Mowat. “The Education Minister claims that throwing 188 teachers out of our kids’ classrooms hasn’t hurt in the classroom but that is just plain untrue and, frankly, ridiculous.”

Sask. Party hospital privatization failing Saskatchewan again

As part of their push to sell-off and privatize all they can, the Sask. Party handed control of designing, building, financing, and maintaining the much-needed new hospital in North Battleford to a foreign conglomerate. Today, the high costs and deep consequences of this decision were once again made clear with the announcement that one of the key companies in the conglomerate is going into liquidation.

“The Sask. Party’s focus should have been on putting Saskatchewan people first, supporting Saskatchewan businesses, ensuring more Saskatchewan jobs, and delivering this much-needed hospital for the best price,” said NDP Health Critic Danielle Chartier. “Instead, the Sask. Party’s priority seems to be defending their P3s and covering up for their mismanagement, scandal and waste.”

Sask. Party cuts hurting Saskatchewan’s most vulnerable

#FightForJerry campaign adds to growing public support against Sask. Party cuts

A recent campaign to help a Saskatchewan man, Jerry Kryzanowski, get access to appropriate assisted-living conditions is the latest example of Saskatchewan people fighting against the harsh consequences of the Sask. Party’s heartless cuts.

“It’s absolutely gut-wrenching to hear what Jerry and his family have gone through,” said NDP Leader Nicole Sarauer. “It’s something that no family should have to go through but Jerry and his family are not alone. Deep Sask. Party cuts to our classrooms, health care, housing and seniors’ care have left many families throughout Saskatchewan to fight for the care and supports they and their loved ones need.”

More answers needed on Sask. Party pot roll-out

Cabinet Ministers must clear up confusion caused by Sask. Party announcement this week

Earlier this week, a Sask. Party press conference about legalized cannabis sales left Saskatchewan families, business owners and municipal leaders with more questions than answers. Sask. Party cabinet ministers must answer questions and address growing concern and provide much-needed clarity about their plan.

“The Sask. Party have left municipal and business leaders to wait, knowing they’ll have to scramble at the last minute. It’s irresponsible,” said NDP Leader Nicole Sarauer. “The Sask. Party SLGA Minister made the announcement this week but, time and time again, neither he nor his officials were able to answer the questions being asked. The Sask. Party still won’t even say what age limit they’ll set for buying cannabis.”

Full-time job losses leave Saskatchewan trailing rest of Canada

Saskatchewan one of only two provinces to end 2017 with fewer jobs than the year before

According to numbers released today, at the end of 2017, Saskatchewan’s unemployment rate was, once again, well above the national average. In fact, while the rest of Canada saw significant job growth from December 2016 to December 2017, Saskatchewan lost 3,400 full-time, mortgage-paying jobs and joined Newfoundland and Labrador as the only two provinces to see job losses.