Rural schools “forced to do more with less”

PVSD follows Regina, Saskatoon divisions in letter writing campaign

REGINA - Today, Official Opposition Leader Carla Beck and Education Critic Matt Love responded to Prairie Valley School Division's letter warning parents about reduced per-student funding and impending cuts.

“Every single day, I’m hearing from parents and educators frustrated with how out of touch this government is. When it comes to the challenges students and teachers are facing, they just don’t get it,” said Beck. “If we want to see our kids succeed, we need to invest in them. It’s that simple. Our kids deserve better.”

Last week, PVSD penned a letter to parents stating that the division is being “forced to do more with less” as operating funding for public schools increased only by 0.7% in the latest budget. The letter follows similar campaigns drawing attention to potential job cuts, the addition of lunchroom fees and reduced classroom supports in Regina and Saskatoon schools divisions.

PVSD says its operating funding has been reduced by hundreds of thousands of dollars despite student enrollment increasing. Mental health supports, the maintenance of school infrastructure and the management of classroom complexity are being impacted. 

“Educators are reaching out to us to tell us how dire it is in their classrooms. They’re giving it their best shot but can only do so much when the provincial government doesn’t have their backs,” said Love. “There’s not a person in this province who voted for larger class sizes and fewer classroom supports. This is about prioritizing the education of our students. They deserve to be able to succeed and thrive in our schools.”


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