Reality Check: Sask. Party introduces bill to re-start program they cut after they introduced it the first time

The Sask. Party government has introduced a bill to re-start the Active Family Benefit, a program they themselves cut in 2016 – hurting families with kids in sports, music or other recreational programs.

The Sask. Party government wants credit for taking money from your pocket - then giving you a bit of it back.

Saskatchewan families deserve better.

Meili joins COVID-19 survivor Matthew Cardinal to call for action to protect front-line workers

REGINA – Today Ryan Meili, Leader of the Official Opposition, joined COVID-19 survivor and front-line worker Matthew Cardinal to urge the government to take needed steps now to protect front-line workers from the third wave of COVID-19, and also to look forward to the supports that will be needed in mental health and other supports as we come out of the pandemic.

Meili: Sask. Party’s COVID-19 mixed messages reach new low

REGINA - Saskatchewan NDP Leader Ryan Meili called on the Sask. Party government to get its act together and end the dangerous mixed messages that have plagued the government’s COVID-19 response. The vaccine rollout has not followed national guidelines for at-risk workers. Yesterday, the premier floated changes to the vaccine rollout for some workers. These potential changes were then contradicted by the Health Minister and later by the Premier himself.