NDP: Reinstate organ donation program now

Jessica Bailey one of hundreds of people left without answers following program suspension

REGINA - Today, Official Opposition Leader Ryan Meili, joined by Jessica Bailey, called on the Sask. Party government to listen to medical recommendations and do everything within its power to resume life-saving organ transplants here in the province. 

“These are the stories this government ignored this summer. These are the very real consequences of playing politics during a pandemic,” said Meili. “When this government talks about fairness, who are they talking about? They certainly aren’t talking about the thousands of Saskatchewan patients currently suffering without care due to Premier Moe and Minister Merriman’s decisions to ignore the science and medical recommendations.”

Worst-in-nation job numbers leaves Saskatchewan with the worst of both worlds

REGINA - With Statistics Canada reporting that 6,500 jobs were lost in October, Official Opposition Critic for Jobs and the Economy Aleana Young is calling on the Sask. Party to get the 4th wave of COVID-19 under control to address the worst-in-the-nation jobs numbers.

“We have the worst of both worlds under this government - Saskatchewan had the worst death rate in the country, and the worst rate of job losses,” said Aleana Young. “Protecting Saskatchewan jobs starts with listening to the experts, getting the pandemic under control, and then finally coming up with a real jobs plan to get Saskatchewan people back to work.”

YOUNG - Worst-in-nation job numbers - November 5, 2021

NDP: Clear and transparent plan needed to address Sask. Party surgical backlog

REGINA - In light of the thousands of surgeries cancelled due to lack of capacity caused by the Premier’s failed handling of COVID’s fourth wave, Leader of the Official Opposition Ryan Meili demanded transparency from the Sask. Party government on the number of surgeries that have been cancelled and a plan to clear Saskatchewan’s massive surgical backlog.

“The are so many Saskatchewan families suffering from this government’s mismanagement of the fourth wave. These people are victims of Scott Moe’s choice to play politics rather than listen to the medical experts,” said Meili. “This Premier needs to be doing everything he can to reduce capacity pressures on our health care system. The federal government has offered non-ICU support. This Premier needs to show some leadership and ask for the help, so that we can free up Sask-based health care workers to help resume these procedures.”