Saskatchewan NDP Caucus

Saskatchewan down 1,800 jobs

Today’s jobs numbers from Statistics Canada show Saskatchewan in last place with 1,800 fewer jobs compared to the same time last year. Saskatchewan was the only province other than Newfoundland and Labrador that didn’t see any job growth. 

“Month after month, Saskatchewan continually lags behind other provinces in job growth,” said NDP Critic Vicki Mowat. “With fewer jobs in Saskatchewan, and the Sask. Party’s $3 million cut to job training and workforce development programs in the budget, more and more families are struggling and people are forced to look for opportunities outside of the province.”

NDP calling on Sask. Party to commit to fully fund teachers’ contract

The Sask. Party has shown they do not learn from their mistakes, and have failed, yet again, to commit to fully funding a duly bargained contract for teachers. This lack of commitment comes after we saw all the damaging effects not funding the teacher’s contract had on our education system since their initial 2016 decision.

“We have seen previously how these decisions devastate our schools," said NDP Education critic Carla Beck. “When the Sask. Party can’t commit to fully funding an agreement bargained in good faith and cuts away at education funding, it leads to school boards having to make drastic cuts to the number of teachers and student supports in the classroom. In the end, it’s students who suffer.”

Privacy Commissioner should have power to order release of documents: NDP

The Sask. Party has fought tooth and nail to ensure information about the GTH is kept from Saskatchewan people. They have been asked by the Information and Privacy Commissioner to release public documents that they claim would shed unfavourable light or bring “negative media attention” to this dubious project. However, the Commissioner’s request has been dismissed and the minister responsible for the GTH isn’t in a hurry to press this issue.

“If the Commissioner had the power to order documents be released, this would not be an issue,” said NDP Justice Critic Nicole Sarauer. “The Information and Privacy Commissioner should have the final say when it comes to the release of public documents. Commissioners in other provinces have this power. Why not Saskatchewan?”

Sask. NDP calls for better care for cancer patients

Today Saskatchewan NDP leader Ryan Meili called on the government to address biopsy wait times and care for cancer patients, after doctors raised the alarm last week.

At the Saskatchewan Medical Association’s Spring Representative Assembly on Friday, doctors expressed their concerns about the backlog of biopsies that is impacting possible cancer patients.

Number of people with disabilities working in government steadily decreasing

The Sask. Party’s claim that this province is the best place to work and live if you have a disability doesn’t hold water when you consider the facts. The Sask. Party’s own statistics show that since 2013-14, there are 92 fewer people with disabilities working across government – a reduction of 27 per cent.

“This reduction in opportunities for people with disabilities is just not acceptable,” said NDP Diversity, Equality and Human Rights Critic David Forbes. “It is disappointing that the Sask. Party suggests they are making Saskatchewan a better place for people with disabilities but the reality is that fewer and fewer people with disabilities are working for the government every year.”

Saskatchewan’s low GDP growth highlights Sask. Party’s economic failings

Statistics Canada released a report showing Saskatchewan had the second lowest GDP growth outside of Atlantic Canada for 2017. Saskatchewan lagged behind with only a 2.9 per cent growth, while B.C. grew by 3.9 per cent and Alberta’s economy grew by 4.9 per cent.

“These numbers show exactly why people are leaving Saskatchewan to find better opportunities in other provinces,” said Finance Critic Cathy Sproule. “With PST being applied to more products such as used cars, children’s clothing and restaurant meals, the Sask. Party is making it unaffordable to live here. Combine that with minimal job growth and a minimum wage that barely covers the basics, it all leads to a suffering economy that’s been stifled by the Sask. Party.”