Moe government blocks Provincial Auditor investigation into hotel dealings

Sask Party MLA Grewal’s Sunrise Motel paid $172,000 in 2022-23 alone 

REGINA - Today, the Official Opposition attempted to move a motion that would launch an independent Provincial Auditor investigation into the Ministry of Social Services’ policy on hotel stays. The Moe government blocked the motion, preventing the independent investigation.

“After 16 years in power, it seems like there’s a never-ending stream of problems coming out of the Sask. Party government caucus,” said Official Opposition Leader Carla Beck. “Brad Wall at least had the good sense to call the Auditor in to investigate the GTH land deals. Leaders should be held to a higher standard and it’s incredibly disappointing that Premier Moe isn’t taking transparency and ethics seriously.”

Pursuant to subsection 16(1) of The Provincial Auditor Act, Ethics and Democracy Critic Meara Conway’s motion would have requested that the Assembly invite the Provincial Auditor to perform a special assignment investigation.

The Ministry of Social Services’ policies, expenditures, and procedures regarding the management of public funds through the payment of hotel fees for clients and those in the care of the Ministry would have been examined if the Sask. Party had not voted down the independent investigation. 

“Saskatchewan people expect basic transparency and accountability when it comes to public funds,” said Conway. “It’s a bad look when taxpayers are billed two hundred bucks for a motel off the Ring Road that’s owned by a government MLA. It’s even more concerning when the government acts like there is something to hide and blocks the investigation.”

The Opposition has repeatedly requested that the Minister of Social Services inform the house on how much money the Moe government paid Sunrise Motel since MLA Grewal was elected. The Minister of Social Services has admitted that the Moe government paid $172,000 to the Sunrise Motel last year — representing 7.64% of the total ministry spending on hotels during that period — but has yet to provide complete figures going back to 2020.


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