SASK NDP calls on Sask. Party to put affordability over vanity when it comes to our Crowns

REGINA – Today, Leader of the NDP Official Opposition Ryan Meili and Official Opposition Critic for SaskPower Aleana Young called on the Sask. Party government to shelve their rebranding project and focus on helping families and businesses who missed payments during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“So many families are struggling to make ends meet and the Sask. Party should be working with them to help them out, not trying to make an extra buck off them,” said Meili. “Instead of prioritizing making families whole after the last 18 months, Premier Moe and his government are looking to spend millions on a rebranding vanity project to paint the Crowns in Sask. Party colours. The people of Saskatchewan deserve better.”

NDP Calls for Urgent Action to Fix Worst Child Care System in Canada

SASKATOON – Today, Official Opposition Leader Ryan Meili and Carla Beck, Critic for Education and Early Learning, joined with parents and advocates to call on the Sask. Party government to stop playing games with the lives of Saskatchewan families and immediately sign on to the national child care strategy which would lower fees and increase spaces.

“A child care plan is a jobs plan. The more we invest in increased spaces and jobs in our child care system, the more we can get families back to work building our Saskatchewan recovery,” said Meili. “There is no reason for Scott Moe not to sign up for the national child care strategy unless he plans on playing partisan politics with the lives and incomes of Saskatchewan families and their children.”

NDP Call on Sask. Party government to help farm families fighting drought

REGINA - NDP Leader Ryan Meili and Agriculture Critic Trent Wotherspoon called on the Sask. Party government to stop taking rural Saskatchewan for granted and come forward with real supports for producers and ranchers fighting drought conditions in Saskatchewan.

“As drought is severely impacting and threatens many producers, farms and ranches, it’s clear the Sask. Party is asleep at the switch and taking farm families for granted,” said Wotherspoon. “In the face of this drought and very serious feed and water challenges, producers and ranchers need a government that will listen to them, step up and support them when they need it.”

Statement by New Democratic Party of Saskatchewan Leader Ryan Meili on the Sask. Party’s failed Carbon Pricing submission

“Scott Moe has once again failed the people of Saskatchewan on carbon pricing. He has intentionally chosen to leave us with a plan designed in Ottawa instead of a plan that will work for Saskatchewan people. Because, the truth is, no one loves the Trudeau plan more than Scott Moe. He wants to play politics, while Saskatchewan people pay the price. 

The Premier’s statement today shows us that he has failed again. He won’t even show his work, and is instead keeping people in the dark.

Sask. Party government leaves restaurants in the lurch

REGINA - NDP Economy and Jobs Critic Aleana Young joined with Joshua McLean, owner Homestead Bar A Vin in Regina today to call on the Sask. Party government to extend off-sale privileges for restaurants and taverns as they continue to recover from the effects of the pandemic on their businesses. 

“The Sask. Party government has done a real disservice to small businesses like restaurants and tavern through the course of the pandemic. They were told to stay open while their customers were told to stay home — leaving many small businesses with the  worst of both worlds,” said Young. “Now that restrictions are being lifted, it makes no sense to hit them with a surprise decision that will impact bottom-lines and business viability with no warning.”

NDP calls on Sask. Party government to lower SGI rates

REGINA - With Saskatchewan Government Insurance’s (SGI) reserves now sitting at $1.1 billion dollars according to the Saskatchewan Auto Fund 2021 Annual Report, Saskatchewan NDP Leader Ryan Meili and Critic for SGI Aleana Young called on the Sask. Party government to return excess earnings to Saskatchewan people through lower rates.

“Even with the rebate called for by the NDP being delivered to Saskatchewan families, SGI still has a significant surplus of funds beyond what’s needed to ensure rate stability,” said Meili. “It’s not right for the Sask. Party to be holding on to excess funds - that’s not what public auto insurance is supposed to be about. That money is supposed to go back to Saskatchewan families through lower rates.”