Saskatchewan NDP Caucus

Reality Check: An apology of Eyre’s

After blatantly misrepresenting a specific homework assignment on Treaty education and calling the entire curriculum into question, this week, Education Minister Bronwyn Eyre has taken several opportunities to say she was apologizing but, there still seems to be something not quite right about what she says is her apology.

In the last week alone, she has released a written statement, spoken to the Saskatchewan School Boards Association, addressed questions raised by the NDP in the Legislature (she didn’t really answer but she did stand up and speak), and she spoke to the media two separate times. 

Immediate action needed to support laid off Cameco workers

Sask. Party must immediately move to help the more than 800 workers affected by shut-down

In response to the announced suspension of operations at Cameco McArthur River mining and Key Lake milling operations the Saskatchewan NDP is calling on the Sask. Party government to take immediate action to support the families of the more than 800 workers who have lost their jobs as well and the hundreds more and entire communities that will feel the impact of this shutdown.

“This is terrible news for Northern Saskatchewan. Losing another 800 jobs is devastating to a region that has already lost too many,” said Saskatchewan NDP Leader Nicole Sarauer. “The Sask. Party must stop cutting and starting investing in diversifying our economy, attracting new investment, and nurturing local ideas.”