Saskatchewan NDP Caucus

Under the Sask. Party, Indigenous students are falling behind

REGINA - Today, Official Opposition Education Critic Matt Love, Advanced Education Critic Jennifer Bowes, and First Nations and Metis Relations Critic Betty Nippi-Albright responded to the Provincial Auditor’s 2023 Report that condemned Scott Moe’s Sask. Party government for failing Indigenous students.

“For years, this Sask. Party government suggested their education plans were oven-ready when in reality they’re half-baked,” said Love. “How are Indigenous students supposed to succeed if the Sask. Party government won’t come up with a real plan with real targets? Teachers and school administrators are giving it their all but feel the government is working against them with all these funding cuts.”

Sask. Party continues to fail our most vulnerable

REGINA - Today, Official Opposition Social Services Critic Meara Conway responded to the Provincial Auditor’s Report on the Saskatchewan Income Support Program (SIS).

“Clients, landlords, social workers, anti-poverty advocates, municipalities and now the Provincial Auditor have all identified that this program is failing and leading to more evictions and homelessness,” said Conway. “How many more people have to come forward before this government acknowledges they screwed up, scraps this failed program and replaces it with something that works?”

Last-minute budget chaos costs students, parents

REGINA - Today, Official Opposition Leader Carla Beck and Education Critic Matt Love criticised the Sask. Party government’s last-minute announcement of subpar emergency education funding.

“This funding is a start, though it’s months late and quite a few bucks short,” said Beck. “It’s clear from the rally that was held on the steps of the legislature that this is a major issue for both parents and educators. Everyone’s family is impacted by these cuts in different ways and it’s frustrating knowing that this all could have been prevented had the government just properly invested in our kids.”

Saskatchewan Continues to Lead the Nation in Cost-of-Living Worries: Angus Reid

New numbers today from the independent, non-partisan Angus Reid Institute show that Saskatchewan people are struggling with the cost of living more than anywhere else in Canada. 

“These numbers confirm what we already know: that Saskatchewan people are struggling to pay their bills because of this tired and out-of-touch government’s choices,” said Official Opposition Leader Carla Beck.

Beck’s break-out session focuses on healthcare, cost of living, job creation

Spring session shows Sask. Party government is out of touch with Saskatchewan people

REGINA - On the last day of the spring session, Official Opposition Leader Carla Beck remained focused on the issues keeping Saskatchewan people up at night, grilling Premier Scott Moe on his failures to fix the health system, create good jobs and provide relief to families struggling to pay the bills.