Beck puts Moe on blast for funding clawback, longer MRI waits

REGINA - Today, Official Opposition Leader Carla Beck and Health Critic Vicki Mowat put Scott Moe on blast during question period for his failed for-profit American-style MRI experiment that has resulted in funding clawbacks and even longer MRI wait times. 

“The Sask. Party knew from day one that they were breaking the law, knew that these cuts were coming, and still didn’t do a thing. Our hospitals are overflowing and the last thing anyone wants to see is even less funding,” said Beck. “We can reduce wait times, but it’ll take a premier committed to making Saskatchewan a healthcare innovator again.”

Since the Sask. Party government passed its private-pay MRI bill in 2015, wait times for an MRI have not decreased like they predicted but have instead shot up by 63%. 

“The Sask. Party’s American-style MRI experiment is a lose-lose. It’s draining funding and personnel from our public health system - making wait times even longer - and making Saskatchewan people rack up huge credit card bills for procedures that should be free,” said Mowat. “Scott Moe’s love affair with American-style healthcare is effectively filling the wallets of his private donors and sticking Saskatchewan people with the bill.” 

The Official Opposition called on the government of Saskatchewan to immediately halt its disastrous American-style MRI experiment and commit to strengthening our system of Canadian-style public healthcare in the upcoming budget. 


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