BECK: Moe’s all hat and no cattle when it comes to jobs

Moe’s job record remains worst in Canada after new StatsCan numbers

REGINA - Today, Official Opposition Leader Carla Beck and Finance Critic Trent Wotherspoon ripped into Premier Scott Moe for having the worst jobs record in Canada. 

“Where I grew up on the farm near Lang, patting yourself on the back for a job half done just wouldn’t fly. Scott Moe still has the worst job creation record in Canada if you look at the big picture. He’s all hat and no cattle,” said Beck. “Any premier with Moe’s record should be working around the clock until our economy is actually living up to its potential.”

Despite a small bump in employment last month, Saskatchewan remains dead last in total job creation among the provinces and dead last in full-time job creation since Scott Moe was appointed premier in February 2018.

“This Sask. Party government is taking one straight out of the Trump playbook and calling any facts they don’t like misinformation,” said Wotherspoon. “Saskatchewan people need a government focused on delivering more jobs and bigger paycheques, not a one focused on massaging the numbers to protect their reputations.”


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