Education Minister’s 2019 expenses show public picking up the tab for meetings with Sask. Party insiders: NDP

The Education Minister’s 2019 expenses, released to the NDP through FOI, show several instances of the Minister meeting with Sask. Party insiders and charging the bill to the Ministry of Education. The Premier and several other Ministers are charging $4,000 for the release of their expenses.

“This is a government that expects teachers to pay out-of-pocket to supply our kids’ classrooms while letting the public pick up the tab for his lunches with Sask. Party insiders,” said Education Critic Carla Beck. “Teachers and parents who have seen the consequence of this government’s cuts won’t be very impressed by this double standard.”

Beck reiterated last week’s call for the Sask. Party to release all ministerial expenses from 2019 ahead of the next Legislative sitting and called on Wyant to release detailed receipts.

The minister’s expenses total $23,487.72, including $3,420.01 for charter flights and $5,948.40 for commercial airfare. And while most Saskatchewan teachers spend $500 or more of their own money on classroom supplies each year due to Sask. Party cuts, the Education Minister expenses lunches and coffee meetings with staffers and Sask. Party insiders:

  • A $57.95 lunch with Gary Lane, Grant Devine’s Finance Minister and past-president of the Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan.
  • Two lunch meetings a week apart (totaling $122.03) with David Buckingham, Sask. Party backbench MLA.
  • A $10.89 coffee meeting with Ken Krawetz, former Sask. Party MLA and Finance Minister
  • A $9.77 coffee with his own Deputy Minister.
  • A $25.89 lunch meeting with SPTRB Chair Rob Bellamy, a former Sask. Party candidate and donor.

“Saskatchewan people have a right to know how public money is being spent, but this government is more concerned about looking out for their friends than the people of the province,” said Beck. “It’s time for this Sask. Party government to publicly release all of their expenses. Because if they don’t see anything controversial about the Education Minister’s taking his buddies out for lunch on our dime, we really need to see what is in the expenses they’re hiding.”

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