Today NDP Leader Ryan Meili called on the Premier to stop hiding the Sask. Party government’s expenses from the people of Saskatchewan, and called for the release of all 2019 records, including detailed receipts, prior to the start of session on March 2.  

“The Sask. Party has a long history of governing in the best interests of themselves and their friends and donors. It’s time for the people of this province to see the receipts,” Meili said. “Today I am calling on Premier Moe to show leadership and disclose his 2019 expenses, and his ministers’ expenses, before we are back in the house on March 2.”

After filing Freedom of Information requests, the NDP received a cost estimate of $1,700 for the Premier’s expenses. Not all ministries have responded to requests, but so far, access to cabinet minister’s expenses bring the total bill to $4102.50.

Meili is calling on the Premier to waive those fees and release all ministers’ 2019 calendar year expenses before the house sits again on March 2.

As with campaign finance, Saskatchewan is among the worst provinces in the country when it comes to government transparency, disclosing the least information on government expenses of any province.

“The Sask. Party is letting people down by hiding how they’re spending our money,” Meili said. “Making these expenses public is the right thing to do.”

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