More jobs lost in Saskatchewan despite national job growth

Today’s, Statistics Canada numbers show that nearly 11,000 fewer people are working in Saskatchewan compared to the same time last year, including 4,200 job losses in just the last month. More troubling is that almost all of the jobs lost were full-time positions.

Sask. Party’s plan for Crowns will send millions of dollars to Ottawa

For nearly a decade, the Sask. Party has wasted and mismanaged Saskatchewan’s finances, all the while pressing forward with its own agenda and telling the people of the province to just trust them. 

REALITY CHECK: Sask. Party pours out 25% tax cut for multi-national beer conglomerates

Stop us if you’ve heard this one.

A Minister, some staff, and the media walk into a bar…


NDP calls on Sask. Party to step up for suffering young girl

Three-year-old Emily Summers spends her nights in agony while she continues to wait for ear surgery. Today, NDP Associate Health Critic Nicole Sarauer described Emily’s case as heartbreaking and called on the Sask. Party and the local Sask. Party MLA to stop the excuses and finally ensure that Emily – and others like her – can get the care she desperately needs.

Sask. Party has no ability to stand up to Ottawa until they earn credibility on climate change

The Saskatchewan NDP is calling on the government to take genuine and constructive action and present a plan to combat climate change. As a first step and a meaningful move to protect Saskatchewan from having a price on carbon imposed on the province by Ottawa, the NDP is calling on the government to finally implement and enforce the Sask. Party’s Green Technology Fund which was proposed and passed through the House, seven years ago. 

REALITY CHECK: Sask. Party throws School Boards under the (School)Bus

The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and… right over school boards. Today, in the legislature, Sask. Party MLA Colleen Young, blamed school divisions for the Sask. Party cuts and bad decisions.