“Easy fix is to scrap it”: NDP calls for end to Sask. Party PST hike as it continues to hurt jobs, businesses

With new data showing ongoing damage to the construction industry as a result of the Sask. Party’s expansion of the PST to construction labour, the NDP is calling on the government to undo the damage by walking back their tax hike.

According to Statistics Canada, there has been a 25 per cent reduction in the value of building permits since the Sask. Party hiked the PST on construction labour in April 2017. 


NDP renews call for suicide prevention strategy

On World Suicide Prevention Day, the NDP is calling on the Sask. Party to stop standing in the way of a province-wide suicide prevention strategy, and act to ensure that people struggling with mental health and addictions challenges get the help they need.

“The suicide rate in Saskatchewan is among the worst in the country, and continues to rise,” said NDP Leader Ryan Meili. “That is why we’re calling on the provincial government to put real support into a suicide prevention strategy. Too many lives have been lost.” 

"Show your work": NDP calls on Minister to release results of Sask. Party education survey

As students across the province return to school, NDP Education Critic Carla Beck called on Education Minister Gord Wyant to release the results of the government's education survey, rather than just a vague summary, and slammed the Sask. Party government for silencing the voices of teachers in their comments on what the survey found.

“If the responses to the government's survey look anything like the responses we received to our survey, there's no wonder the Education Minister wants to bury them. Our schools are in crisis. Forty percent of teachers have considered leaving the profession. Seventy percent of EAs witness or experience violence every week or every day. Everyone is raising the alarm. And the Sask. Party would prefer to sweep those concerns under the rug and pretend that everything’s fine."

‘We are run ragged’: NDP education survey highlights crisis in Sask. classrooms

NDP Leader Ryan Meili, along with Education critic Carla Beck, shared the findings of the Saskatchewan NDP’s “Brighter Future” education survey this morning while addressing the Saskatoon Teachers’ Association Convention. The results paint a clear picture of a deepening crisis in Saskatchewan classrooms, with staff morale and learning conditions for students suffering, and kids facing more complex classrooms with fewer supports.

“As a parent myself, it’s hard to see the sacrifices teachers in this province are making as the Sask. Party’s cuts to education filter down,” said NDP Leader Ryan Meili. “Our kids’ classrooms are increasingly crowded and the government continues to let teachers and kids down.”

Latest infrastructure fumble shows Sask. Party is not working for Saskatchewan communities: NDP

The NDP Opposition is calling on the Sask. Party government to address the safety concerns of the Fond du Lac Dene Nation and the FSIN, after the latest case of the provincial government letting partisan calculations get in the way of needed infrastructure funding. 

“This airport is the only access point for many Northern communities and the fact that needed improvements still haven’t been made is ridiculous,” said Highways and Infrastructure Critic Buckley Belanger. “Instead of stepping up and supporting these communities, the Sask. Party is yet again pointing fingers at other levels of government while a priority infrastructure project languishes.”

NDP call on Sask. Party to put people, and public pools, before politics

The Saskatchewan NDP is calling on the provincial government to end its bizarre stand-off over the funding of two Regina pools, and get to work on behalf of the people of the Queen City instead of using them to score cheap political points.

“These pools are the heart of their neighborhoods, and are cherished by Reginans,” said NDP Municipal Relations Critic Trent Wotherspoon. “The fact the Premier and his Sask. Party government are playing cheap political games over recreational spaces for our kids is incredibly petty and unprofessional.”