Official Opposition Labour Critic introduces the Saskatchewan Employment (Fairer Workplace, Better Jobs) Act

REGINA - Late yesterday, Opposition Labour Critic Nicole Sarauer introduced Bill 613 - The Saskatchewan Employment (Fairer Workplace, Better Jobs) Act. The Act would notably strengthen workplace protections and increase fairness for workers currently struggling with the cost-of-living crisis.

“At a time when so many workers are struggling with rising costs, struggling to just make ends meet, we need to ensure that we’re giving them a fair wage. We shouldn’t be settling for last in the nation,” said Sarauer. “This bill will not only ensure that workers struggling with rising costs get a boost but will also guarantee that all workers have the protections they deserve when it comes to harassment and discrimination.”   

The Act would:

  • Establish a $15/hr minimum wage starting January 1, 2024
  • Guarantee 10 days of paid sick leave for all Saskatchewan workers 
  • Set limits on non-disclosure agreements in situations involving harassment or discrimination
  • Provide further requirements on employers regarding anti-harassment policies and require them to report to the ministry the number of harassment investigations conducted each year

Saskatchewan currently has the lowest minimum wage in Canada at a time when Saskatchewan residents consistently top nationwide polling as being the most concerned about their financial security.   

The non-disclosure agreement provisions within the Act mirror legislation that already exists in Prince Edward Island, as well as bills that had been introduced in Manitoba and Nova Scotia and have been called for by the National Canadian Bar Association. The anti-harassment provisions mirror what exists in the federal legislation, the Canada Labour Code.

The bill passed first reading on November 8, 2023.


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