Moe government leaves senior out in the cold

REGINA - Today, Official Opposition Leader Carla Beck and Social Services Critic Meara Conway grilled the Sask Party government on its inexcusable treatment of senior Evelyn Harper.

“Wheeling a senior out of her home onto a snowy sidewalk to fend for herself is so unbelievably heartless. It’s absolutely shocking,” said Beck. “Seniors are being hit hard by the rising cost of living and the last thing the Moe government should be doing is leaving them out in the cold.” 

Last week, senior Evelyn Harper was wheeled out of her government housing unit at Cedar Manor and left on the snowy sidewalk to fend for herself. The Moe government evicted her because her mobility issues had worsened and she was unable to prepare her unit in good time for treatment of the cockroaches that were “dropping off the ceiling and are everywhere throughout the unit.” She always paid her rent on time and called this government-run facility home for four years.

With nowhere to go, Evelyn approached Minister Makowsky’s office and asked to be rehoused. Having just received her monthly pension cheque, a government official told her that the government would not help her until she exhausted her funds. Evelyn is now homeless and living temporarily at the Sunrise Motel in Regina. 

Evelyn worked as an operator aide at the Regina General Hospital for 17 years before retiring.

“Our parents and grandparents have been paying taxes with every paycheque since their first job. Millions of taxpayer dollars have been invested into our social and affordable housing stock and now the Moe government is running it into the ground,” said Conway. “Allowing our parents and grandparents to live out their golden years in dignity should not be too much to ask.”

The Sask Party government still has yet to take any concrete action after seniors living at the provincially-regulated Parkview Villa, Princess Villa and Precious Memories Villa were abruptly given 72 hours to leave their homes late last month. 

Sixty-two seniors and their families are also still waiting for answers after the government abruptly announced in late September that they are closing the spacious and beloved Regina Lutheran Care Home, despite previously taking over Extendicare facilities in worse condition. 


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