NDP slams budget as attempt to distract from cuts and sell-offs to come

Today the NDP opposition highlighted the gaping holes in the Sask. Party’s budget, branding it “incomplete and inadequate” and a document that “fails to meet the basic requirements Saskatchewan people expect.” NDP Leader Ryan Meili dismissed the budget as a deception and a distraction designed to shield the Sask. Party from hard questions about their plans until after the next election.

“Saskatchewan people expected the government to come back with a recovery plan. After three months of work, the Sask. Party showed up with nothing but a cut-and-paste rehash of the same budget they tried to present in March,” said NDP Leader Ryan Meili. “From students to seniors to small-business owners, this document is fundamentally disconnected with the reality Saskatchewan people are facing.”

NDP calls for a real plan for school re-opening

The Saskatchewan NDP is calling on the Sask. Party government to go back to the chalkboard and come up with a real plan to guide school re-opening in September.

“Families and teachers all want our kids to return to school safely this fall, but they also want to see a real plan,” said NDP Leader Ryan Meili. “For parents and teachers concerned about how schools will respond and adapt, what the Premier has put forward deserves a failing grade.”

NDP tables bill to stop Sask. Party’s failed experiment with private MRIs

Today, Saskatchewan NDP Health critic Vicki Mowat introduced a bill to repeal the province’s private MRI legislation and focus on getting all patients the care they need, not just those who can pay to jump the queue.

“Saskatchewan people facing serious health challenges shouldn’t be left waiting longer while those who can afford to pay get moved to the front of the line,” said Mowat. “Wait times for MRIs were already ballooning before the pandemic. It got so bad the Sask. Party stopped even reporting wait times last June. It’s time we end this failed experiment with two-tier healthcare and get to work clearing the backlog as quickly and fairly as possible.”

NDP seeks answers on Sask Hospital’s empty wards and water issues

The NDP is seeking answers and a release of the long-promised facility audit on the troubled Saskatchewan Hospital in North Battleford. In Question Period, NDP Leader Ryan Meili pointed to a host of issues that have left the facility half-empty, the water undrinkable, and residents “burning their butts” because of hot water in the toilets, according to a report released today

“Saskatchewan people spent good money on this badly needed hospital, but unfortunately, most of that money went to out-of-province companies that clearly cut corners” said Meili. “The Sask. Party stuck us with a non-functional facility where you could steep tea in the toilets, but you can’t drink the water.”