NDP raises alarm over “extreme overcapacity” in Saskatoon hospitals

Today New Democrat Leader Ryan Meili released documents detailing capacity issues at the Royal University Hospital and St. Paul’s Hospital in Saskatoon, which limit “the system’s ability to ensure patients are receiving the care they need” over the weekend.

“The Sask. Party government keeps saying everything is fine in our hospitals, despite mounting evidence that hallway medicine is the norm,” said Meili. “These documents clearly show that people are being let down when they go to the hospital. They’re not getting the care they need.”

NDP, solar energy workers push for changes to Sask. Party’s “devastating” net billing program

Today at the Legislature, the NDP was joined by Brenden Owens and Nolan Dezotell of Prairie Sun Solar to push the Sask. Party to change course on its decision to kill the solar energy industry in Saskatchewan.

“The solar industry was booming in this province – people wanted to take part, jobs were being created, and it was helping reduce emissions,” said NDP Leader Ryan Meili. “It was short-sighted and destructive for this government to pull the plug on this successful industry.”

NDP pushes Sask. Party to stop roadblocking federal transport funding

On the first anniversary of the shutdown of Greyhound Canada services in Western Canada, and eight months after the Sask. Party walked away from $10 million in federal intercity transport funding, the Saskatchewan NDP is pushing the Sask. Party government to stop leaving federal money on the table and work with the feds on an intercity transit strategy. 

ATU Canada, the Amalgamated Transit Union, is calling today on all levels of government to develop a strategy to build a new intercity transit service for future generations in the wake of the loss of Greyhound and STC.

Sask. Party must address ER that “recycles staff faster than bottles at SARCAN”: NDP

The NDP says the Sask. Party needs to address the issues that are leading to overcrowding and hallway medicine. Since Angela McLean, who spent five days in a Pasqua Hospital hallway waiting for a room, shared her stories, others have begun to come forward to voice their concerns. The latest is an emergency room nurse who describes the Emergency Room as “a very stressful and unsafe place to work that recycles staff faster than bottles at SARCAN.” 

Reality Check: More money, more problems for Regina Bypass

The most expensive stretch of flat road in Canadian history was completed today.

But before the Sask. Party pops the bubbly, it's worth reminding people of the scandal-plagued, flawed process that left us holding the bag for an almost $2 billion stretch of road:

NDP presses Sask. Party for details of secret SaskTel sell-off scheme

The Saskatchewan NDP is calling on the Sask. Party government to fully comply with the recent ruling of the Information and Privacy Commissioner and finally release all the details of their secret SaskTel sell-off scheme. 

Today the Speaker also ruled on a question of privilege submitted by Finance Critic Trent Wotherspoon asking the Speaker to determine whether House Leader Jeremy Harrison misled the House when he said, “what I can reiterate, Mr. Speaker, is that there have been no formal discussions as to what a transaction may or may not look like, and there have been no formal offers.”