POLLARA: Majority of Sask. Residents Think Moe’s Marshals Service a Waste of Money

Sarauer calls for gov’t to invest Marshal money in frontline policing, fighting drug abuse

REGINA - Today, Official Opposition Justice Critic Nicole Sarauer responded to a new survey conducted by independent research firm Pollara. The survey found that the vast majority of Saskatchewan residents believe that the money Premier Moe is pouring into the Marshals Service would be better spent elsewhere.

“After 16 years of Sask. Party government, crime, homelessness and drug abuse are reaching a crisis point,” said Sarauer. “Saskatchewan people work hard for their tax dollars and want to see their communities get safer. We’ll get more for our money if we invest these funds in the RCMP, local police forces, and fighting drug abuse, as opposed to a brand-new police bureaucracy.”

Moe’s Minister of Policing says the Marshal Service, which will not be operational until 2026, is expected to cost taxpayers $20 million annually. Over half (52%) of Saskatchewan residents surveyed by Pollara say that these funds would be better spent on the RCMP. Just 17% of those surveyed preferred to invest in the Marshals Service.

Nearly three quarters (72%) of respondents said that there are more important priorities in Saskatchewan and the government should be focused on funding these as opposed to creating a third police bureaucracy.

The survey was commissioned by the National Police Federation, which represents approximately 20,000 RCMP members. The Federation says that, in Saskatchewan, investments in the RCMP remain stagnant.


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