Voters give Scott Moe’s Sask. Party Failing Grade on Top Issues

60% say Moe failing on cost-of-living; 68% say Moe failing on healthcare

REGINA - Today, research firm Angus Reid released new public opinion polling. The majority of Saskatchewan people give Scott Moe and the Sask. Party a failing grade when it comes to the issues that matter most.

“I think this government has failed to prioritize the issues that keep Saskatchewan people up at night, and it shows in the numbers,” said Official Opposition Leader Carla Beck. “People just want their leaders to listen to their concerns and focus on getting the basics right, like fixing healthcare or suspending the provincial fuel tax.”

The cost of living was identified as the biggest problem in Saskatchewan, with 66% of respondents calling it a top concern. Healthcare came second with 54%.

60% of respondents said the Sask. Party government has done a poor or very poor job on the cost-of-living crisis, with only 33% rating the provincial government’s performance as good or very good.

The Moe government’s performance on healthcare was rated even worse, with 68% giving the Sask. Party a failing grade and only 28% approving of their performance. The Moe government’s approval rating on healthcare has dropped every year since the 2020 election year, slipping 25 points total. 

“We have the potential to be the best place in Canada to live, work and raise a family,” said Beck. “Saskatchewan people deserve a government that works for them.”


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