Young: Cap delivery fees to save restaurants

REGINA - Today Aleana Young, Official Opposition Critic for Jobs and the Economy, called on the provincial government to cap the delivery fees charged by third-party delivery platforms at 15 per cent, down from the 25 to 30 per cent many apps are currently charging. The move would help restaurant owners save money and compensate for reductions in dine-in service as a result of COVID-19 restrictions.

“Restaurants are already operating at 25% capacity thanks to the Sask Party’s mismanagement of COVID-19. I’ve spoken to many restaurant owners who feel captive to these high fees,” said Young. “Restaurants are small businesses too, and introducing a cap on fees will help save many from having to close their doors for good.”

Recognizing the enormous impact of delivery fees on local restaurants, British Columbia and Ontario have capped these fees. Young called on the government to implement a cap immediately and to leave it in place until three months after the end of the provincial state of emergency is lifted. She also called on the government to introduce a five per cent cap on processing fees to prevent any revenue losses incurred by the third-party delivery platforms from being downloaded onto drivers.

“Bars and restaurants are told to stay open while their customers are told to stay home - it’s the worst of both worlds,” said Young. “These businesses need support - and this is one step that can help keep businesses open in a responsible way.”

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