What they’re saying about the budget…again

It has been nearly a week since the Sask. Party introduced their budget that hiked taxes on Saskatchewan families and small businesses while handing over millions in tax giveaways to large corporations and the province’s wealthy and well-connected.

Here’s a sample of what they're saying about the Sask. Party’s budget:


On cuts to cities:

“This is a budget that comes like a thief in the night.”

-Former Sask. Party Candidate and Regina Ward 2 Councillor Bob Hawkins


“This is a transfer of a tax burden from one level of government to another because they can,”

-Former Conservative Candidate and Saskatoon Ward 5 Councillor. Randy Donauer


“It came out of nowhere. Many municipalities have already set their budgets and that's why there's some angst and concern and anger from this council.”

-Regina Mayor Michael Fougere


“This is out of the blue. It’s a total blindside.”

-Moose Jaw City Manager Matt Noble


“Just to pass along what’s been dumped on our plate would need a 10 per cent increase in taxes.”

-Yorkton Mayor Bob Maloney


“Well, outrage is putting it lightly, we were absolutely blindsided by this budget.”

-North Battleford Mayor Ryan Bater


On Sask. Party tax increases:

“Sales have already been down this year over last year, and I expect we’re going to see sales down further.”

- Flip Eatery co-owner Timothy Martin


“This is probably the highest, the biggest tax hike that we’ve seen among Saskatchewan’s history”

-CFIB Vice President Marilyn Braun-Pollon


"It's going to have a huge impact on affordability,"

-Christiane Guérette, CEO of the Saskatoon & Region Home Builders' Association


 “I wish they did not propose an increase because there will be more pressure on family finances."

-Regina parent Alex Arzorg


On selling-off STC:

"For them to slap this out there with no notice, no talk about it, it's just a major blow."

-STC user Amanda Kaweski


"I think there are a lot of cancer patients worried about what this will mean for them. We do know we have a lot of people from Prince Albert, Yorkton-Melville who have used the STC bus service to come into Regina and Saskatoon.”

-Donna Pasiechnik, Canadian Cancer Society


On cuts to post-secondary education:

“It’s really like the government lives in an alternate reality. They don’t understand the struggles that people are faced with.”

-University of Regina Student’s Union President Jermain McKenzie


On cuts to public libraries:

“It was a huge disappointment that libraries were not forewarned or consulted with given the severity of the budget cuts.”

-Saskatchewan Library Trustees Association Executive Director Nancy Kennedy


“This is going to have a disproportionate impact on rural communities in the province”

-Lakelands Library Director Eleanor Crumblehume


On making cuts to the most vulnerable:

“If we’re going to make cuts towards the most vulnerable people in the province, we think it adds insult to injury to be looking at corporate tax cuts and tax cuts to the wealthy,”

-Peter Gilmer, Regina Anti-Poverty Ministry


“After hurting the poorest of the poor in our province, this government brought in a tax cut for corporations.”

-Saskatoon Star Phoenix Columnist Jordon Cooper


The Sask. Party’s tax hikes and deep cuts, all while still running a massive deficit and adding billions to the debt, make it clear that they have forgotten who they are supposed to be working for.  

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