What they’re saying about the budget

The Sask. Party presented their budget yesterday and on nearly every page, there was a broken Sask. Party promise, a tax hike on the middle class, or a mean-spirited cut that hurts Saskatchewan families.

Here is a sample of what others are saying about this budget: 

We had no idea this was coming and it’s a huge financial impact. It’s unprecedented for the city to take a one-time hit like this.”

-Saskatoon Mayor Charlie Clark


“You peel back the onion and you see other things… We have some significant issues to deal with.”

-Regina Mayor Michael Fougere


A "very difficult day" for Meewasin. "A $409,000 hit to our budget is a very substantial cut." 

- Meewasin Valley Authority CEO Lloyd Isaak


“It is brutal from a small business perspective.”

-Vice-President Marilyn Braun Pollon, Prairie and Agri-business, CFIB 


"The government has decided to kill food tax fairness."

-Vice President Mark Von Schellwitz, Western Canada for Restaurants


"It's a huge number. It's millions and millions of dollars. So it will mean that we will lose positions — absolutely, there will be positions lost. Services for students potentially lost. We will have to look at everything we do… It will be a tough, tough year for us and tough to manage this."

-University of Regina President Vianne Timmons


"I can't side step the fact that a minus five [per cent in funding] is probably the largest single budget cut we've ever had in our history."

  - University of Saskatchewan President Peter Stoicheff


"We're already at the bare bones. There's no way to escape it. There will be cuts in the classroom."

- Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation President Pat Maze


"You guys don't know what you're doing to small communities. Think about the little people."

-Cara Severson STC customer


“Your life on Earth is fragile and now to say that your life afterwards is not worthy of anything, not even worthy of a funeral service, that’s not very fair.”

- Executive Director of Saskatoon’s Friendship Inn Sandra Stack


“They are going to hurt lower- and middle-income people the most and that is not the route they should be looking at in terms of revenue generation.”

-Peter Gilmer, advocate for the Regina Anti-Poverty Ministry


With callous mean-spirited cuts to nearly everyone except the wealthy and well-connected, it’s no wonder so many, from Universities to independent businesses, are pointing out that the Sask. Party seems to have forgotten for whom they are supposed to be working. 

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