What they’re saying about the 2018 budget

It is clear the Sask. Party did not learn their lesson after last year’s disastrous budget. Premier Moe proved we will see more of the same from his government with their lackluster budget that isn’t properly funding education and is cutting services Saskatchewan residents need most.

Here is a sample of what people are saying about the budget:

“Some students are coming to me saying they’re working two or three jobs. To tell them to get a fourth job to try to pay for university, it’s just not an option. We want to stay here, but that Sask Advantage … seems to be leaving students behind. I don’t see a future for me here.”

“With more students and fewer teachers, today’s budget won’t make it any easier to meet the needs of students.”

“[T]he Saskatchewan government has not done enough to offset the pain of last year's anti-foodservice budget. As a result of these tax increases, Saskatchewan restaurant sales were down by a staggering 4.5 per cent, resulting in the loss of 1,700 industry jobs.”

“It isn’t keeping up with our pace of enrolment, and our costs that we can’t control, like increase in electricity, water, all of those costs. So it means we’ll have to look at cuts, for sure,”

“Even though vacancy rates are going up, we certainly know that rent is not going down. It will be a real disaster unless they significantly fill in the gap, and quite frankly I just don’t trust them to do that,”

“A lot of (families) have trouble affording vehicles as it is right now, and they’ve stretched their budget to the limit, so to add another $600 onto an automobile is going to make it tough for them.”

“For the fourth year in a row, we have zero per cent,” “You cannot keep and maintain and attract professional staff if you keep losing every year.”

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