The Sask. Party must stop the secrecy and release Husky pipeline reports: NDP

Yesterday, the Sask. Party doubled down on their secrecy, refused to come clean, and once again denied the release of reports done on pipelines running throughout Saskatchewan. The latest cover-up follows a ruling by the Office of the Saskatchewan Information and Privacy Commissioner that called on the government to respond to the request made by the Saskatchewan NDP and release records of any inspections done on Husky pipelines. 
“The people of Saskatchewan deserve to know what action this government has taken to protect the water we drink and the land we grow food and crops on,” said NDP Justice Critic Nicole Sarauer. “The government has the reports and there is no legitimate reason for them to not release them today. What are they hiding?”  
Following the Husky oil spill in July, the NDP filed Freedom of Information requests to the Ministry of Economy asking for inspection reports on all Husky pipelines since 2011. The government denied the request. 
“The Sask. Party needs to start being open and transparent with the people of Saskatchewan,” Sarauer said. “The government is allowing companies to police themselves and the Sask. Party won’t even tell us what they knew and when. When it comes to something this important, it is simply unacceptable.”

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