NDP Leader Ryan Meili calls on Premier to stop hiding, bargain fairly

With Crown sector workers slated to strike as of Monday, NDP Leader Ryan Meili called on Premier Scott Moe to get to work on a deal.

“After months of pretending he’s not involved, it’s time for the Premier to come out from hiding and take leadership,” Meili said. “His government squeezed $209 million in dividends from our Crowns this year, and now they’re expecting the people who work for our Crowns to accept less. Scott Moe is showing us exactly what he’s about: good deals for his buddies, and bad deals for families.”

Yesterday, Scott Moe sent a letter to the union representing Crown workers, informing them that new offers would be coming forward, removing any doubt that Moe is directing the negotiations.

“This government has a long history of weakening our Crowns, including raiding them for hundreds of millions of dollars,” said Meili. “This is just another chapter in that sad story: they want to weaken our Crowns and turn the public against them so they can sell them off.

“New Democrats know the value our Crowns deliver. And New Democrats will continue to fight for them.”

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