Statement by Official Opposition Critic for Mental Health and Addictions Doyle Vermette

With the shocking news that Saskatchewan saw more than one overdose death per day in the month of January, the NDP Critic for Mental Health and Addictions Doyle Vermette released the following statement:

"Every overdose death in our province is a tragedy. No parent or family member should lose a loved one to addiction. We know that last year already doubled the highest year on record for overdose deaths in our province - and this year looks like the toll in lives will be even more severe.

Addiction takes a heavy toll on our communities and on families. That is why it is so frustrating that the Sask. Party government seems content to ignore this crisis instead of coming forward with a clear and comprehensive strategy to eliminate the wait times for detox and treatment. The overdose crisis has spiralled out of control on this government’s watch. The status quo is not acceptable.

Saskatchewan needs an evidence-based strategy to tack our opioid and crystal meth crisis, focusing on awareness and harm reduction. We need it now. We need real treatment options in our major centres, but also in Northern, remote and rural communities as well.

The overdose crisis is real and it is everywhere in our province. Not to act is to accept more deaths and more tragedy

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