Statement by NDP Leader Ryan Meili on Sask. Party cabinet appointments

Saskatchewan NDP Leader Ryan Meili welcomed the new cabinet announced today by Premier Scott Moe and signalled that the NDP Team is ready to hold the government to account.

“New Democrats are ready to stand up for Saskatchewan families and put people first. This new cabinet comes into place at a challenging time for our province. Now is the time for real action and investment to reduce Covid-19 case numbers and ensure we do not need to go into a full lockdown.

"It is concerning that Donna Harpauer has remained as Finance Minister - and been promoted to Deputy Premier - despite her insistence on implementing ‘austerity’ over this term in government. Cuts and privatization will hurt families and our economic recovery. New Democrats have real concerns that Sask. Party austerity will leave the province without needed investments in health care, safe schools and jobs.

“Paul Merriman was roundly criticized by community groups during his time as Social Services Minister. We hope he has learned from that experience - and the failure of leadership displayed by his predecessor as Minister of Health - and will approach his new role with the care and concern it requires, especially during a pandemic.

“Importantly, this new cabinet does not reflect the Saskatchewan of 2020. Barely a quarter of the new cabinet is female, despite women making up more than half of our population. There are no cabinet ministers who identify as First Nations or Métis.


“It is not too late for this government to re-think its dangerous plan for cuts. Saskatchewan families have fought long and hard to protect each other, our families and the businesses that we rely on - and that rely on us. The pandemic is still with us and our commitment to fight for each other must continue as well. It is time to act now: With real investments that put people first."


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