Statement by New Democratic Party Health Critic Vicki Mowat in response to Covid-19 measures

“The Premier and his government have once again been back-tracked on their response to the surge in Covid-19 cases in Saskatchewan. Only a few days ago Premier Moe stated no new measures were being contemplated. Last Friday the Health Minister announced masks would be mandatory in certain communities but not others. Today the mask order is now mandatory for all of Saskatchewan. The inconsistency and lack of clarity is constant and disruptive.

The premier also acknowledged today that previous measures have been confusing. Unfortunately that continues to be the case. Families, communities and businesses need certainty in order to follow the rules and keep people safe. Constantly shifting the goal posts is not helpful. 

Premier Moe dismissed the calls of hundreds of physicians for decisive action to protect patients, physicians who are on the frontlines in a health care system that is increasingly overwhelmed. 

In the face of the alarming rise in cases and the pressures on our hospitals, the Sask. Party saying they will review further measures instead of taking action is nowhere near enough. The government has had nearly nine months for consultation. We need action now. 

The people of Saskatchewan are looking for a serious path forward. Banning hookah lounges and party buses will not have the impact that we need at this crucial moment. The lack of action today has put Saskatchewan at higher risk of more illness, more deaths, and longer-term economic damage. We need concrete action to contain the second wave and prevent a long-term shutdown of our economy. 
The Premier is either unwilling or unable to provide the leadership required to achieve that goal.”

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