Statement from Official Opposition Leader Carla Beck on the Carbon Tax Exemption on Home Heating Oil:

Prime Minister Trudeau has singled out New Brunswick for relief but the crushing cost of living crisis doesn’t stop at the Quebec border. All Canadians have seen their costs go up. We’ve all been affected and we all deserve relief. 

Here in Saskatchewan, families are having to deal not only with a federal government increasing costs but also a Sask. Party government that has hiked their PST and increased their power bills three times in the last year.

Both Justin Trudeau and Scott Moe have lost touch with the challenges of hard-working people in Saskatchewan.

This exemption is a clear recognition that Canadians are struggling with crushing inflation and higher costs but it has specifically left out relief for the people of Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta. Instead of picking and choosing who gets relief based on Prime Minister Trudeau’s election map, we’re calling on the federal government to extend relief to all Canadian families.


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