As Crown sector workers go back into bargaining today, NDP Labour critic David Forbes released the following statement:

“This Sask. Party government has a long history of scheming to weaken the Crown corporations that the people of Saskatchewan are so proud of. Preventing our Crowns from negotiating a fair deal with their workers is just more of the same. People who rely on the services our Crowns provide are being let down by a government that is attempting to undermine our Crowns. They’ve pushed wage roll-backs for Crown workers and big raises for Crown executives, all while raiding Crown dividends to make up for their own misspending.

“We’re calling on the government to get down to work, stop picking fights that only damage the people of this province, and deliver a fair offer to the people who work for our Crowns.

“Saskatchewan people are proud of the Crowns that we built together. The Saskatchewan NDP will continue to fight to protect our Crowns from this Sask. Party government’s attempts to weaken and sell them off.”

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