Statement by Official Opposition Leader Ryan Meili in response to today’s COVID-19 announcement

In response to to the COVID-19 announcement today, NDP Leader Ryan Meilli released the following statement:

“The Sask. Party government’s approach to the second wave of COVID-19 is chaotic. It’s never clear what standards the government is using for decisions, what the next steps will be, or even when those decisions will be made. This leads to confusion as families are left scrambling to keep each other safe and make ends meet. Today’s announcement shows that the government’s half measures announced in November have failed but it’s clear they plan to carry down the path of too little too late.  

We have schools closing early while bars and restaurants remain open. Family gatherings have been effectively reduced to zero - unless you meet for drinks or dinner or rent a hall. Small businesses are left with the worst of both worlds: told to stay open while their customers are urged to stay home.The new retail measures do not come into effect until Christmas Day, when they will have the least effect on the spread of the virus. One wonders why, if these measures aren’t necessary now at the busiest time of the year, Scott Moe sees them as necessary at all?

There is nothing that was announced today that could not have been put in effect weeks earlier, when a targeted circuit breaker could have actually had a tangible impact on the spread of COVID-19 in our communities. This government’s chaotic, wait-and-see approach has led to lockdown measures that are at once more severe and less effective.

The new case totals, while growing less quickly than before, are simply more than our health care system can manage. No news measures were announced to protect our loved ones in long-term care facilities when there are 32 active outbreaks and we are seeing tragic loss of life that touches so many families. Because of this government’s delay, the new measures will not only fail to bring our numbers down, they will have a long lasting impact on our quality of life. 

Saskatchewan families deserve better than the chaos this government is imposing on them.”


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