Statement by Trent Wotherspoon in response to the shooting in Québec City

Today, the Saskatchewan NDP Leader Trent Wotherspoon released the following statement:

“On behalf of Saskatchewan’s New Democrats and the Official Opposition, I stand in solemn solidarity with all those affected by the senseless and horrifying shooting in Québec.

“No one should ever face violence because or where they worship, where they’re from, who they love, or the colour of their skin but this was an attack that targeted those gathered in prayer at their place of worship, exercising their freedom of religion. 

“Beyond the grief, anger, and disbelief so many of us are feeling, we must remember the motto of our great province: from many peoples, strength.

“This strength - a strength I see in Saskatchewan people every day - has the power to overcome the hatred that led to this attack in Quebec and it has power to turn back the rising tide of intolerance and ignorance that is gaining ground south of the border and that is far too prevalent in far too many places across the globe.

“Guided by our values of openness, mutual respect, and multiculturalism, this strength has the power to shine a light into the darkness and help us build a stronger and more united province and country together.”

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