Statement by Trent Wotherspoon in response to more Sask. Party cuts

In response to comments by Premier Brad Wall that the Sask. Party would be making even deeper cuts to Saskatchewan workers and services, Official Opposition Leader Trent Wotherspoon made the following statement: 

This is just another in a string of broken Sask. Party promises and attacks on Saskatchewan workers, our classrooms, and our hospitals. To find the real savings, the Sask. Party should start by looking at their own mismanagement like their $1.5 billion carbon capture debacle or projects like the bypass that went from $400 million to $2 billion and is sending that money to a company from France; by coming clean about their GTH scandal; and by ending their own waste that blew through the $2 billion Rainy Day Fund and is driving Saskatchewan deeper in debt

Coming from a Premier who continues to take tens of thousands of dollars on top of his salary in a bonus from his party and paid for by big out-of-province corporate donors, this attack is not only irresponsible and insulting, it also shows just how arrogant and out of touch Brad Wall and the Sask. Party have become. 

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