Statement by Trent Wotherspoon in Recognition of Black History Month

Today, NDP Leader Trent Wotherspoon issued the following statement:

Starting with the early homesteaders near Maidstone, who were escaping racial injustices in the United States and searching for a fairer, more equal place to live and Dr. Alfred Shadd in Melfort who was Saskatchewan’s first black doctor, since even before Saskatchewan was founded, African Canadians have helped build and shape our province.

This rich and living history is just one of the reasons that it is so important that we take the time each year to celebrate Black History Month. It is also important to recognize the struggles that African Canadians continue to face today in our society. We must understand why it is important to state clearly that Black lives matter and we must continue to show our unwavering commitment to calling out racism and ending discrimination in all of its forms, against all people, everywhere.

Throughout this month, as we celebrate and reflect and learn from the past, let us take to heart the motto of the province we all love: From many peoples, strength.

Most importantly, let’s recommit to building together toward a future where we all fully and equally benefit from the true strength of Saskatchewan’s many peoples.  

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