Statement by New Democratic Party of Saskatchewan Leader Ryan Meili on the Sask. Party’s failed Carbon Pricing submission

“Scott Moe has once again failed the people of Saskatchewan on carbon pricing. He has intentionally chosen to leave us with a plan designed in Ottawa instead of a plan that will work for Saskatchewan people. Because, the truth is, no one loves the Trudeau plan more than Scott Moe. He wants to play politics, while Saskatchewan people pay the price. 

The Premier’s statement today shows us that he has failed again. He won’t even show his work, and is instead keeping people in the dark.

Saskatchewan people need a plan that:  

  • Distributes carbon pricing revenue model using a means-tested rebate, the fairest way to allocate these funds as described in a recent study 
  • Will be effective in reducing emissions
  • Recognizes and incorporates into rebate structures the distinct needs of rural communities and agriculture producers

The current plan doesn’t work for Saskatchewan. Scott Moe doesn’t seem to care. He’s playing politics while the environment, jobs and our economy hang in the balance. His failure to bring in a made-in-Saskatchewan plan costs us all more. 

The Sask. Party’s failure to present a credible climate change plan has left Saskatchewan people subject to the federal carbon tax for the last three years. Now because of the Premier’s political games we will be stuck with Prime Minister Trudeau’s plan for a further two years.

Saskatchewan families want to do what’s right for the environment and for our economic future. With carbon pricing now the law of the land, and even the Conservative Party of Canada coming out with a carbon tax proposal, it’s clear that what is needed now is real solutions. But the Sask. Party is offering us nothing but a secret plan that has already failed.

Instead of sticking his head in the sand Scott Moe needs to get to work with the federal government and make a plan that works for Saskatchewan.”

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