Speech from the Throne offers little more than small thinking

Despite struggling oil and resource prices and weekly announcements of job losses, today’s Speech from the Throne shows the Sask. Party has no real plan to create jobs, diversify the economy or invest in hospitals, our children’s classrooms, and the services Saskatchewan people rely on.

“It’s all well and good that the Sask. Party wants to let people sell their home baking, but that’s not the recipe for truly diversifying our economy or creating the good, mortgage-paying jobs Saskatchewan people need,” said NDP Leader Trent Wotherspoon. “This throne speech shows small Sask. Party thinking. There is no focus on hospitals or our kids’ classrooms, and no plan for job creation.”

The Throne Speech also promises to:

  • Continue understaffing and under resourcing the frontlines of hospitals and health centres;
  • Do nothing to address growing class sizes and cuts to teachers and teaching assistants for our kids;
  • Push forward with the Sask. Party’s failed “paying more and paving less” highway scheme that will leave the vast majority of the province’s highways in disrepair; 
  • More P3 privatization schemes for infrastructure that cost more and send Saskatchewan jobs away to foreign and out-of-province corporations.

“The people of Saskatchewan should be able to count on good roads, good jobs, and quality education for our kids. And they should be able to access healthcare in this province with their health card, not their credit card,” said Wotherspoon.

Wotherspoon reiterated his promise to stand strong against the Sask. Party’s decisions that aren’t in the best interests of Saskatchewan people.

“Yesterday, they let a little light shine on the Legislature dome but the Sask. Party is offering no light to schools and hospitals who are waiting for the budget, and they’re still hiding from accountability on the GTH Land scandal,” said Wotherspoon. “Saskatchewan is a province of big ideas but the Sask. Party is offering nothing more than small thinking.”

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