NDP Calls on Privacy Commissioner to Investigate Potential Security Breach in Hunting, Angling and Trapping License (HAL) System

SASKATOON - NDP Environment Critic, Erika Ritchie, has written to Saskatchewan’s Information and Privacy Commission requesting an investigation into what appears to be a serious breach of privacy in the province’s hunting and angling licensing system.

The request comes after reports show that many hunters have received emails containing other individuals’ names and HAL numbers. Ritchie also asked that Commissioner Kruzeniski examine the role of the American company who administers the licensing system played in the potential breach. 

The NDP raised serious concerns about the security of the HAL system after the Sask Party Government first outsourced it to an American Company in 2012. 

The potential breach comes on the heels of the finding of major failures in Saskatchewan’s eHealth systems as well as a recent security breach at Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

“The government clearly has a major problem when it comes to protecting the privacy of the people of Saskatchewan,” said Ritchie. “Why is the private information of our province’s hunters in the hands of an American company instead of being administered by one of our Crown corporations?”



Please see attached letter

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