Scott Moe’s Sask. Party the least transparent government in Saskatchewan’s history

84 ignored recommendations as Sask. NDP vows to provide Commissioner order-making power

REGINA – Today, Official Opposition Critic for Ethics and Democracy Meara Conway responded to the release of the Annual Report from the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner. The report states that under Scott Moe’s leadership, the Sask. Party government has ignored 84 recommendations to improve transparency and accountability.

“This is a government that has repeatedly been caught lying to the public. They’ve become the least transparent government in Saskatchewan’s history,” said Conway. “The public and media deserve answers.”

The Commissioner identified numerous cases where Scott Moe’s government had hidden or failed to provide accountability or transparency to the public. Unfortunately, due to the limitations of the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner, the Commissioner can only make recommendations to release documents, 84 of which the Sask. Party government ignored.

Information and Privacy Commissioners for British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, the Northwest Territories and the federal government all have order making powers, or the power to make a public body disclose records. Newfoundland and Labrador has unique provisions making its commissioner's recommendations convertible to an order.

Carla Beck has vowed that should she be given the privilege of forming government, she would provide the office with order-making power to rebuild public trust in government institutions. Beck’s commitment follows a series of democratic reforms brought forward during the spring session to increase transparency in politics by banning corporate and union donations, banning out of province donations, strengthening laws around lobbying and MLA disclosures and conflicts of interest.

“People deserve a government they can trust. We’re committed to making these reforms – it’s there in black and white. People are looking for change and we’re ready to deliver.” said Conway.


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